Parents / Guardians

Our staff’s energy in our school will encourage our learners to enjoy learning and attending school. Elandspark Private School will introduce parents to the difference between child-care and child minding and provide a transparent understanding of the significance of formal education in this stage. In order for us to maintain high standards of academic results Elandspark Private Academy encourages Parents/Guardians to play an active role in their child’s schooling through healthy synergies being built with “Learner, Parent & Teacher”

Comments from Parents:

“Thank you, Elandspark Private Academy, for the school book to see Landisiwe’s progress. I must honestly say I’m very impressed with the quality and the level of school work and her ability of understanding certain concepts that I didn’t even think she’d comprehend yet; considering you’ve just started last week. This shows the good work that you do with her.

Thank you once again for the excellent work and keep up the good work.

Mr & Mrs Zimba”

“I have recently enrolled my (turning 5 this year) into Elandspark Academy. He has only been there from the beginning of February and he has progressed so quickly in 2 weeks. When he started he could not write or even colour properly. He is now drawing people, counting 0 to 10 and backwards, reciting nursery rhymes, knows his phonics and has significantly improved his relationship and communication skills. He now loves learning so much that when he comes home, he even does extra homework. Thank you for everything you are doing to teach, support and guide him.” 

Kind Regards

Vanasa Padayachee

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