About us


Elandspark Private Academy is an independent non-racial school.  Parents/Guardians in search of providing their kids with academic excellence will enjoy our curriculum and fun teaching styles. Our school welcomes learners from different faiths and denominations to register. Elandspark Private Academy provides regular reports and encourages parent, teacher and learner synergies. We enjoy inspiring the lives of our young, culturally, physically, spiritually, academically and socially.

School Prayer

Dear God

Thank you for our Parents, Guardians, Priests, Teachers, Family and Friends.

Bless us dear lord to be obedient, kind and respectful at all times.

Grant us the energy to enjoy school and give off only our very best.

….Thank You Dear Lord…!!!


Values: CARE

C – Commitment

  • Display loyalty to parents, teachers, friends, seniors and our school.
  • Willingness to demonstrate support and care for those in need of help.
  • Work academically to their full potential.
  • Be in line with all school rules and regulations.

A – Accountability

  • Be in control of education.
  • Take ownership and leadership for tasks and projects assigned.
  • Be able to humbly apologise for mistakes.
  • Set realistic goals.

R – Respect

  • Value parents, teachers, friends, seniors and our school.
  • Shows good manners at all times.
  • Tolerable to different points of views and beliefs.
  • Displays respect for school premises, facilities and surrounding environment.
  • Pays careful attention in class.
  • Displays a sharing, kind attitude.

E – Excellence

  • Strive for only the best in all that learners do.
  • Have fun at striving for the best.
  • Always neatly attired in school uniform.
  • Develop confidence through being excellent.
  • Volunteers for school tasks.
  • Must celebrate personal achievements.
  • Display work of high quality.
  • Utilises time, talents and resources to their benefit.
  • Continually strive, to be your best.


Why register with Us:

  • CAPS Curriculum taught in a fun way.
  • Structured Time Tables.
  • Safe Environment.
  • Quality Educators.
  • Small Classes, personal attention.
  • Due to small classes our school is less prone to bullying, ill-mannered learners and can focus on teaching.
  • Focus on personal development.
  • Create involvement through maintaining parent, teacher and learner synergies.


Our Staff

We have stringent recruitment criteria. EPA will only employ staff that have a drive for high outputs and well certified in the relevant qualifications in order to ensure superior academic results. A clear criminal record is non-negotiable. Our Staff are friendly yet professional and accommodating to our learner’s requirements.

Elandspark Private Academy has a Zero Tolerance to bullying and disrespectful behaviour!

Click here to download our school code of conduct